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She graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1990. In 1994, she completed his specialty at the Foundation Gureba Hospital and became a specialist in Otorhinolaryngology. In 1996 she worked in the USA, at the Harvard Medical School Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, and at the University of Minnesota, scientifically on the histopathology of the human ear. Associate Professor in the field of ENT in 2004, Professor in 2010 received titles. In 2005, she retired from Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital in 2017 as the chief of the ENT Clinic.


She received her Transoral Robotic Surgery training in Strasbourg in 2009 and started her surgeries. In Turkey, Robotic Surgery in the area of ​​Head and Neck Surgery, she was the first practitioner to perform more than 300 successful Transoral Robotic Surgery and received the title of "EXPERT SURGEON" (Expert Surgeon).


She has successfully diagnosed and treated all diseases with 27 years of surgical, scientific and educational experience in ENT diseases and head and neck surgery.


Assessment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea is one of the few specialists in the world in the current and accurate diagnosis and surgical treatment.


While developing her expertise through an innovative and researcher approach, she is committed to offering her patients superior, comprehensive and state-of-the-art approach and care. While continuing her diagnosis and treatment plan, she works with the best institutions and organizations to get the highest level of care and is closely involved with her patients.


Professor Dr. Fatma Tülin Kayhan applies the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art techniques and technologies based on the most appropriate treatment and surgical methods, intensive experience and the latest scientific research and his own scientific studies.


She is one of the first surgeons in the world who practice Robotic Surgery in Sleep Apnea surgery.

Her work and results have been published in international scientific journals.


Uyku Apnesi, Horlama, Uyku Cerrahı
Horlama, Uyku Cerrahı, Uyku Doktoru
Uyku Bozuklukları, Uyku Cerrahı, Uyku Doktoru, Uzman Doktor, Profesör
Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  It is an insidious and common disease that causes complaints such as sleep apnea, snoring, daytime sleepiness and seriously threatens general health.


  Snoring is a disturbing sequence resulting from the vibrations of tissues that cause obstruction and narrowing of the upper respiratory tract during sleep. It can be seen alone or with sleep apnea. It's a major complaint that needs to be treated.

Sleep Disorders

  Sleep disorders are complicated diseases that occur during sleep and wakefulness. Sleep field of medicine is a science that investigates these diseases, dealing with diagnosis and treatment. Physicians interested in sleep field of medicine are called "Sleep Doctors".



Robotic Surgery


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Prof. Dr. Fatma TülinK Kayhan, Uyku doktoru, Uyku Cerrahı, Tedavi, KBB, Uykut Apnesi

Our patient, 41 years old İlhan Paşaoğlu is working as a manager in a private company, married and father of one child. He applied with the complaints of snoring, instant breath cessation during the sleep, tired waking, daytime sleepiness, headache. The sleep test indicates, breathing stopped 135 times per hour and severe snoring and oxygen levels were found to decrease by more than 100 per hour. This was caused by obstructive sleep apneas. First, to the patient, who avoided surgery, was given a CPAP device, but our patient, who could not use the device for 3 months, applied again for surgery. With multi-level robotic sleep surgery, we performed operations on the soft palate, tonsils, tongue root, and larynx. On the 5th day of surgery, we discharged our patient, and the 15th day of surgery we were able to send our patient back home to Antalya. In the sleep test performed at 3 months postoperatively, we have observed that the number of apnea decreased from 135 to 4 and we learned that our patient was fully cured.

Prof. Dr. Fatma TülinK Kayhan, Uyku doktoru, Uyku Cerrahı, Tedavi, KBB, Uykut Apnesi

Turan Kaylan who lives in the Netherlands and our 31 years old patient, is married and father of 4 children, he is dealing with trade in Holland. He applied with severe snoring, instant breath cessation during the sleep, probable apnea, daytime sleepiness, poor concentration complaints. In the polysomnography study, severe positional obstructive sleep apnea syndrome was diagnosed. In the examination, it was observed that the blood oxygen levels dropped to 81%. Mr. Kaylan, who did not want to use a CPAP device, applied to Prof.Dr.Kayhan after he could not find a successful surgical treatment option in the Netherlands. After examination of the patient, we recommended multilevel robotic sleep surgery and applied multilevel sleep surgery with a robot to soft palate, tonsil, tongue root and laryngeal levels. We discharged our patient on the 5th day after the operation and send back him to the Netherlands on the 15th day, completely free from snoring and daytime sleepiness.



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